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HMI Software

Process Automation Control
is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network


Blue Sys Technologies is the electronic automation and software business area of the Blue Sys Group in Timisoara, Romania.

Our main force is the responsibility and professionalism above our clients in order to provide economical high performance products at competitive prices, tailored exactly to their requirements.

Blue Sys Technologies was founded in November 2000, when two engineers started to design intelligent electronic control boards for cooking and cooling food equipments. Since then we developed more than 20 new projects in this area and thousands of electronic controllers were produced and exported in USA, Italy, Germany and other countries.

The company had a rapid growth, thanks to performance and innovative ideas. Now we also develop different projects like network hardware, internet and intranet communication and high-tech industrial control software.

The success of the company can be measured by our satisfied customers.

The management quality and financial performance have been officially recognized by the CCIAT with the prize "First Place for Industry Equipment Production Section" won by BlueSys two years consecutively - years 2001 and 2002.
As a company, Blue Sys Technologies aspires to render innovative automation and software solutions to significantly improve our customers’ performance.