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HMI Software

Process Automation Control
is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network


The first location of Blue Sys was a rented small house, with minimal facilities.
After the company has developed, Blue Sys have moved in a bigger location, adequate to the new needs.
Because the production requirements have developed more than 10 times, we started the building of a new location, a modern building, with great production facilities.

Our commitment is to permanently develop and improve our facilities, to be focused on the latest technology, in order to assure the highest quality products.

Main facilities:

  • Thru-hole manufacturing facilities;
  • SMT manufacturing facilities;
  • Soldering machines;
  • Calibration facilities;
  • Burn-in testing facilities;
  • Functional testing (temperature & humidity);
  • Mechanical assembly;
  • Data acquisitions and communications control facilities.


    Blue Sys Business Center is located in Timisoara at 56, "Stefan cel Mare" Boulevard, in the Western part of the city. Close to its position, there are four of the most important access roads in Timisoara: "Stefan cel Mare" Boulevard, "Eroilor de la Tisa" Boulevard, "St. O. Iosif" Street, "Calea Buziasului" Main Road.
    Thus, the Blue Sys Business Center is located on the inner ring of Timisoara, at about: approximately 2,5 km away from the City Cathedral (downtown), 2 km away from the Banking City Center, 5 km away from "Traian Vuia" International Airport.

    Blue Sys Business Center is a flexible structure of showrooms and offices with three different access doors. This offers a complete independence for the spaces. The business center has two building blocks, connected through a transparent glass wall guarded on both sides by two twin glass stairs.

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