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HMI Software

Process Automation Control
is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network


As specialists in the electronic industries, our team of professionals has the ability to understand the needs and the expectations of our clients.

Blue Sys Technologies and it's employees are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of innovative electronic products available in the marketplace today.

Our emphasis is on service before, during, and after we have completed your project. It is our goal to accommodate your needs with a level of service, flexibility, responsiveness and quality.

R & D - the research team have great results in various area of automation, hardware and software.
Engineeing - high qualified, experienced people, the engineering team practically implements the results of the research team, analyze and improve already existing solutions
Manufacturing - disciplined technicians and professional workers, assisted with responability by our engineers, are involved in manufacturing quality products
Software Department - create the software for a wide variety of environments and represent the evolution through several stages for our products.
Testing - have the responsibility of Quality Assurance tests an all the products. The attention combined with the severe quality plan is the base of our high quality products.

Main facilities:

  • Thru-hole manufacturing facilities;
  • SMT manufacturing facilities;
  • Soldering machines;
  • Calibration facilities;
  • Burn-in testing facilities;
  • Functional testing(temperature & humidity);
  • Mechanical assembly;
  • Data acquisitions and communications control facilities.