PCB Design
System Design


Blue Sys design team has no concept of word no. We manufactured a wide variety of measurement and control systems. Most of the projects include software wrote by our specialists. Near the broad knowledges of the transducers and their interfaces, about network controlling using a PC port we have experience in:

  • Temperature transmitters, thermocuples, thermo-resistance, motors and valves;
  • Installation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC);
  • Distributed Control Systems;
  • Process and Temperature Control;
  • Thermocouple & RTD Thermometry;
  • VFD Displays, LCD Displays, Led Displays;
  • EMI/RFI Analysis & installation of automated instruments (e.g. switches, pressure transmiters, level transmitters, flow transmitters);

  • Precision Instrumentation;
  • Analog to Digital Converters;
  • Data Acquisition Systems;
  • Microprocessor Troubleshooting;
  • Control PLCs & Ladder Logic;
  • Wiring of the automation instruments to a PLC;
  • Supervision Control and Data Aquisitionn Sysytems(SCADA);
  • Technical Consultation

  • You can choose EXAMPLES to see some complete projects managed by Blue Sys from specification stage through manufacturing.