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Process Automation Control - HMI Software

Process Automation Control is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network. It is an extremely easy to use software offering:

  • controller operation through a realistic front-panel interface;
  • plot graphing
  • setup screens
  • data-logging,
  • parameter and recipe manager,
  • system activity log,
  • alarm notification.
  • Characteristics

    Process Automation Control auto detects the controllers connected to the computer through an Ethernet or serial connection and starts their network monitoring. The software works as network manager, providing critical information about the detected controllers. These critical data-logging controller parameters are displayed in a log spreadsheet. The logs can be saved automatically to provide a complete backup of the controlled network functioning interval.

    The recipes files can be used to speed up repetitive controller recipe setups.

    Graphic Monitor
    During controller cycles the software continuously monitor the device events (sets of temperature values from the controller ' s probes) and to represent them in a graphic. Setup cycle parameters (target temperatures) are also represented in the graphic. This allows the user to visualize all the temperatures inside the controlled device. The user is able to monitor all the temperature values during the cycle, to choose the desired represented temperatures, to choose the upgrade interval.

    According to this last parameter, up to 48 cycle hours can be graphically represented. The graphic represents all the cycle events, also the events prior to the graphic start moment, due to a special download history function. The graphic is fully scalable on horizontal and vertical.

    Over Internet Controller Operating,
    Controller Monitoring,
    Controller Setup

    Graphing Capabilities
    Realistic Controller Operation

    Process Automation Control offers a menu to operate the controller from the PC as if you are in front of the machine. Almost all operation and setup functions are available from this "remote" front-panel. All the buttons on the front panel are available for operation, together with a real-time controller display interface.

    Parameter Manager

    Process Automation Control includes the ability to create files of controller settings: device parameters can be created, edited, stored and downloaded to the controllers in the network. These files are used to store commonly used controllers settings and to speed up repetitive controller setups.

    Alarm Manager

    Process Automation Control receives alarms from controllers, maintain a log of online alarms and allow users to acknowledge them.

    Clock Manager
    Process Automation Control can synchronize the clocks for all the controllers in the network.