Controller Software
PC software


HMI Software

Process Automation Control
is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network


Written on various processors using assembly language or C, the software controls the process, saves all relevant HACCP data, provides a friendly interface that guides the user step-by-step during programming and shows all necessary data during functioning cycles.

For remote supervisors the software allows different kind of connections in order to permit advanced monitoring, operating and programming in a local network or through Internet.

  • Full process control with advanced control algorithms
  • Various type of sensors
  • Software filtering for analog and digital inputs
  • Multiple languages
  • Real time clock
  • Printer connection
  • LED, LCD, VFD interface
  • Events saving (up to 1 week for standard version)
  • PC connection: RS485, TCP/IP, UDP-SNMP.