Controller Software
PC software


HMI Software

Process Automation Control
is a HMI software designed to operate, monitor and setup one or more controllers in an industrial RS485 or Ethernet network


PC software is an advanced tool for real time managing of one ore more locations, each of them with up to 32 devices connected in a local network.

An graphical interface with animated images allows the manager to acknowledge, at a glance, the state of each device and, if his access rights are adequate, to operate or programm each of the devices.

During a functioning cycle all the device parameters can be monitorised and analysed in a graphical format.

  • Intra-net and internet connections;
  • Posibility of monitoring an unlimited number of units;
  • Auto detection of all units in network;
  • Complete and realistic simulation of the front panel;
  • Remote programming and command;
  • Real-time display of values during functioning cycles;
  • Downloads to PC the programmed parameter and the events to be archived;
  • Analyze the download events for HACCP temperature and timing monitoring;
  • NAFEM compatible monitoring;
  • Analyze of historical or on-line data;
  • Information displayed in easy to read graphical user interface;
  • Alarm notification to users via e-mail, pager or phone;
  • Other applications with wide applicability:
    People counter - counting people in different situations, using a web-cam, a simple to use communication software, for sending and controlling data, a great source of producing statistics; E-control solutions, on-line network supervision systems with different alarm notification to the user via e-mail.